we’re never more like jesus than when we serve


Bold Week gives us the opportunity to touch every street in our community by serving our local schools


Bold Week is about boldly serving our community and helping one of the most important institutions in our city, the local school, as they prepare to equip children for their future. We believe that by serving the schools each summer, whether that be through putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls before the excitement of the first day or organizing and stapling papers for a teacher preparing their classroom, we can impact nearly every home throughout our community with the love of God. By serving a teacher or school staff member, we are serving the child who will benefit from their leadership. And by serving the child, we serve the whole family including parents, neighbors, and so many more.

Bold Week also affords the local church the opportunity through service to pray over hallways, classrooms, offices, and desks before students ever walk through the door. We aim to be the hands and feet of Jesus and claim our local schools for His name.


Plan a Bold Week in Your City!

Our students feel the love from the church. It’s just the fact that there is someone on the campus concerned about the community and about your well-being.
— Timothy Simmons, Principal
We discovered Bold Week while signing (my daughter) up for school. Ever since, we were drawn to church that way. We’ve always wanted to come back and pull other people in as well.
— Cinthia Gonzalez, Parent and Volunteer
All these people are here to serve us and our job is to serve the kids. I’ve been here 7 years and I’ve never seen this type of kindness from random people I’ve never met.
— Andrew Avent, Teacher
It’s important. Anyone who is running a school or teaching at a school knows that we can’t do it alone.
— Michelle Hinkley, Principal